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Argos is a devX tool that adds visual testing to developer's routine.

Upload your app pages' screenshots to protect them from future visual regression. Cover every browser and resolution with automatic changes detection and manual review.

Argos give developers the confidence to ship feature safely.

The visual testing routine

Every modern end-to-end framework allow to take screenshots : Puppeteer, Cypress, Playwright, ...

Take a screenshot of every step you want to cover from future regression.

Static sites : we provide plugins to automatically take screenshots of all pages and upload them on Argos. Visit our integration guides to check if your stack match our integrations.

Notify change detection

Once installed, Argos receives screenshots from the Continuous Integration (CI) workflow.

On Github, a new check will appear on your commits status. It will turns red when visual changes are detected. Click on Details to review the diffs on Argos.

Github status

Screenshot comparison

Argos is designed to review screenshots and verify they match expected results. The side-by-side UI allows developers to compare new commit's screenshots with their main branch's counterparts, easily spot visual changes and prevent visual regression.

Argos screenshots

Review approval / rejection

Click on Mark as approved to validate the GitHub status.

If new commits screenshots don't satisfy your expectations, rework your code and push a new commit.