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Argos is a visual testing app that adds screenshots review to a developer's routine and ships features with confidence.

The birth of Argos

We create Argos for two primary purposes: prevent visual regressions across a big website codebase and ensure UI stability on all browsers and resolutions.

We implemented Argos as a devX tool for our frontend team and rapidly become a must-have app for every developers. Preventing visual regression is an issue for everyone.

We install Argos in all projects we work on and the developers teams love it for the confidence it ensure. With more than 10 000 000 million screenshots/month, we have gained the confidence to sell our product.

About us

Argos was developed by Greg Bergé - Smooth Code CEO, and Olivier Tassinari - MUI CEO.

Argos is currently commercialized by Smooth Code, a french web agency expert in JavaScript & React development used to work for famous startups and corporations like Doctolib, Le Monde, Material UI, Welcome to the Jungle, PayFit...

We already published some famous open-sources libraries :