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Get started with Argos

Argos is a visual testing app that compares screenshots and notifies developers in GitHub. Follow these steps to install Argos on your repository.

Set up the GitHub application​

Argos GitHub app will allow Argos to read commits, mirror user accesses, and add pull-request statuses to notify about changes.

Subscribe to an Argos plan on GitHub Marketplace.

You can give Argos access to all of your repositories or choose specific ones. However, we recommend selecting only the repositories on which you want to use Argos.

GitHub repository access
GitHub permissions details
  • Contents — to find a common commit ancestor between branches
  • Statuses — to add statuses on commit
  • Pull requests — to add a comments in pull requests
  • Actions — to allow tokenless authentication

Capture the screenshots

The first step to visual testing is to capture screenshots. It's up to you to test isolated components, whole pages, or each stage of a checkout tunnel.

Tip: It is easier to check page content visually than asserting each text. Moreover, there is no code maintenance when the content is updated.

We recommend leaning on end-to-end testing frameworks to take screenshots. They facilitate navigation through the application and have native commands to take screenshots in various browsers and screen resolutions.

Testing framework guides

The following guides that cover our recommended approach to installing Argos in a number of popular testing frameworks.