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Use Argos with GitLab CI

Configure GitLab CI to send screenshots to Argos visual testing platform.

Configuring environment variable

Argos uses the ARGOS_TOKEN to identify to which repository the screenshots you send are related.

To get token value, sign in to Argos and click on the Gear buttonbutton in front of your repository.

In your GitLab repository, go to Settings > CI/CD > and then expand the Variables section. Then, set the ARGOS_TOKEN as an environment variable.

Warning: Be careful to store your Argos token safely. ARGOS_TOKEN environment variable should be accessible by your CI but not visible publicly.

If you are not comfortable with storing secret, read Gitlab CI documentation about adding a CI/CD variable to a project.

Configure GitLab CI

# 👉 Insert the steps required to take screenshots

# Upload screenshots to
- npx @argos-ci/cli upload ./screenshots

We don't have GitLab CI example repository to yet. Don't hesitate to contribute by adding an example!