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Getting Started

Argos is a visual testing app that adds screenshots review to a developer's routine and ships features with confidence.

To learn more about Argos' philosophy, read the introduction section.

Prerequisites : to use Argos CI, you need a GitHub-hosted project with end-to-end tests and a CI environment.

Get the Argos repository's token

Argos assigns a unique token to each repository to ensure that only allowed users can upload screenshots.

  • Subscribe to Argos Free plan on GitHub Marketplace
  • Follow the Github installation tunnel until you land on Argos App
  • Click on the repository you want to activate and click on Activate repository button
  • Copy and save the ARGOS_TOKEN value

Configure your CI to send screenshots to Argos

  • Set the ARGOS_TOKEN as an environment variable in your CI application
  • Add this command to you CI workflow : npx @argos-ci/cli upload ./screenshots

npx automatically installs @argos-ci/cli, but you can also add @argos-ci/cli and use npx argos upload ./screenshots command instead. It gives you more control on your dependencies.


You are now ready to start using Argos! Learn more about the developer routine using Argos.