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Getting Started

Argos is a visual testing app that adds screenshots review to a developer's routine and ships features with confidence.

To learn more about Argos' philosophy, read the introduction section.

Prerequisites : to use Argos CI, you need a GitHub-hosted project with end-to-end tests and a CI environment.

1. Subscribe to Argos Free plan on GitHub Marketplace

Subscribe Argos Free plan from GitHub Marketplace.

A prompt will asks which repository you want to connect to Argos. We only use commits to match the correct "base screenshot".

At the end of the installation you will be redirected to Argos homepage.

2. Get the Argos repository's token

Argos assigns a unique token to the connected repositories. It ensures nobody except you can upload screenshots on your repository.

  • Login to Argos
  • Select the repository you want to activate and click on Activate repository button
  • Copy and save the ARGOS_TOKEN value. It will be used as a environment variable during the CI configuration.

4. Configure your CI to send screenshots to Argos

  • Setup ARGOS_TOKEN environment variable on your CI
  • Run npx argos-cli upload screenshots-folder


You are ready to start using Argos! Learn more about the developer routine using Argos.