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Argos relies on GitHub Marketplace to handle the subscriptions and billing. Therefore, we mirror the GitHub system and distinguish personal accounts from organizational ones.

Pricing model

Free for open-source repositories

Argos' usage for open-source repositories is free and unlimited. It's our way to thank the community for their work and what they have offered us through the years.

Private repositories

The Free plan offers to perform up to 5,000 screenshots' diffs/month. Subscribe to a paid plan if you need more credits for your organization.


Subscribe to Argos' plan on GitHub Marketplace.

Current month's usage

Find the current month's usage for each of your accounts on Argos' settings :

Monthly consumption

Exceed plan capacity

A banner will notify you in Argos when you approach the limit of your current plan.

If you exceed your plan threshold, you must upgrade your plan. Otherwise, you won't be able to upload more screenshots to Argos until next month's renewal.

Change plan

You can change your Argos plan on GitHub Marketplace.

Don't hesitate to contact us if none of the offered plans satisfy your consumption.


Argos' subscription will be charged on your GitHub invoices. Thanks to this, we don't require your credit card or financial information.

Cancel a subscription

You can cancel your Argos subscription on GitHub Marketplace or on GitHub billing and plan settings.

Note: You may have multiple Argos subscriptions related to different accounts.